Blonde and brown Labradors looking into the camera

Introducing Louis the Labrador!

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I'm Louis, the new woofer in town and I come from a rescue called Helping Yorkshire poundies.
And so I'm a Yorkshire pudding...
I'm a sensitive sausage & didn't like the kennels, so I got me a foster place...and now I got me a furever place wiv Rolo, Pops & Dilly. 
They fink I'm quite bonkers. 
My new mummee says I'm a bit  "podgy" ... how ruuuuuude! 
I loves to play ball ... again... and again... and again. 
I loves to swim. 
I can run and run and run faster than Dilly... but sometimes I let her get da ball. 
Already I can sit & give paw ... that's it so far .. but hey ... I'm learning... and if you offer me a little Natural Instinct treat then I'm exceedingly polite. 
Everypawdy has made me feel very welcome... Rolo even lets me eats his dinner ... and shares his carrots ... oh and da sofa!! 
I am full of life & excitement! 
I'm a bit pully on da lead ... but it's cos everyfing is just soooo full of excitement... 
Everypawdy I meet they say I'm handsome.
So check out our adventures on Facebook.. oh and my weight loss journey 
See ya soon 
Louis ...  MFL  - mighty fine Labrador  
By Alyson Taylor-Gray and Louis
In the photo: Lois (left) and Rolo (right)