Breeders Club

Are you a registered breeder? Do you want to receive a COMPETITIVE DISCOUNT?

The Natural Instinct Breeders Club entitles registered breeders to COMPETITIVE DISCOUNT as well as Puppy Packs and Kitten Certificates for the litters' new owners.

All you need to do to join is complete the form HERE and provide us with your breeding documentation, i.e. Assured Breeders Breeding Licence with The Kennel Club / your Local Authority Licence / The Kennel Club Affix or kennel name. For cat breeders, we will need your official registered document from The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy ("GCCF") or The International Cat Association ("TICA").  It's as easy as that!

Members of the Natural Instinct Breeders Club can also be listed on our Find a Breeder page.