Yvie Thompson and her springer cross poodle Bella with their agility medals

Introducing Yvie Thompson 

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We are very excited to be sponsoring Yvie Thompson, aged just 13 she is going to go far! 

My name is Yvie Thompson and I am 13 years old. I have been doing agility for six years.

I have a Springer cross poodle called Bella, who is seven years old. Bella is my first agility dog and is almost in Grade 7.

My first border collie, Kozmo, is 19 months old and is just starting competing.  I also have another border collie puppy who is 3 months old and will also be doing agility. 

For the past 3 years, I have been running my trainer’s dog Epic. He is an eight-year-old border collie and is in Grade 7.

In February this year, Epic and I went to Birmingham to try out for the Junior Team GB which was very exciting. Overall, each day, 6 large dogs went through. I came third in the first combined results of jumping and agility. With only two clears in both the agility and jumping number two, Epic and I won both classes making us win the overall. This meant that we went through to the final stage!

At the end of March, we had the selection qualifiers.  Only 4 went through each day in the large height. We won the agility and came sixth in the jumping, we came second overall.

We are officially in Team GB! There are 14 people on the team over the three heights that are all amazing handles.

I’m super excited and grateful to be able to compete in Finland for Team GB.

Yvie Thompson – aged 13