Close up of dark cocker spaniel in front of a tree looking off to the side

Molly's Natural Instinct leads to 100th Cat Rescue

The UK’s first Cat Detection Dog, a cocker spaniel named Molly, has surpassed the remarkable milestone of 100 cat rescues. Molly successfully completed her 100thsuccessful rescue when she found the aptly named, Houdini, a cat who had escaped from a cattery in the Devils Dyke, Sussex.


Guilford based Pet Detective, Colin Butcher, provided a home for rescue dog, Molly when she was just 10 months old.
Before her first birthday, Molly was already on her third home due to her strong working disposition, making her an unsuitable family pet. With a decade of pet rescue missions behind him, Colin recognised the difficulty in tracing down missing cats and decided to enrol Molly as his rescue sidekick!
Trained with the help of the Medical Detection Dogs charity, Molly’s remarkable sense of smell and olfactory capacity was harnessed, enabling Molly to reliably scent not for any cat, but specific missing cats.
Recognising the need for a healthy, nutritious diet for working dog Molly, Colin decided to transition her to a raw food diet and partnered with premium raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct. The specialist raw food brand includes a Working Dog Food range and supplies Molly with all the raw meals and treats she needs to keep up with her hardworking, busy lifestyle.
Commenting on Molly’s 100th reunion save, owner, Colin Butcher said:
“Molly reinforces the intelligence and amazing adaptability of dogs to channel their remarkable sense of smell. We have had to pause our work while the UK is in lockdown, but to date, Molly has helped to rescue 115 missing cats, reuniting them with their beloved owners.
We’re so thankful to the Medical Detection Dogs charity for all of their support and training, as well as Natural Instinct who continue to sponsor Molly five years on. As soon as we are able, Molly and I will be back out there on our rescue missions, helping to make a difference to pet owners across the UK.”
Rachel Kirby, a spokesperson for Natural Instinct commented:
“We were so excited to hear that Molly has made her 100th cat rescue. Colin and Molly’s work is truly special and we are delighted to be part of their journey. It has been a real privilege to sponsor Molly, providing raw food and treats over the last few years – our beef jerky sticks are a real favourite!
We look forward to continuing this relationship as Molly comes to the rescue once again!”
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