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Natural Instinct Partners with Oxfordshire Lowland Search & Rescue Charity

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Premium raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct, is pleased to announce a new partnership with charity, Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue, as it sponsors two fully trained and operational air scenting search and rescue dogs.
 The specialist raw pet food brand, which boasts a Working Dog Food range, will supply local dogs, Beau and Rip, with all the raw meals they need to keep up their hardworking lifestyles for an initial period of six months.
Oxfordshire Search and Rescue is a member unit of Lowland Rescue, which sets governing standards for its 36 teams, and is a member of the UK Government’s UKSAR Operator’s Group – the official group which governs all of the UK’s onshore and offshore search and rescue operations. Oxfordshire dogs, Beau and Rip, are no strangers to search and rescue missions with over 160 searches under their collars!
Rachel Kirby, a spokesperson for Natural Instinct commented:
“We are delighted to be sponsoring Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue and the incredible Beau and Rip.
When we visited the charity, we saw live demonstrations with the search and rescue dogs, chatted with some of the volunteers and listened to their inspiring experiences of past search and rescue cases.
“We left feeling utterly amazed by the charity, the volunteers and dogs who help to make the work possible. At Natural Instinct, we’re passionate about giving back to the local community and really hope this new partnership will last for years to come.”
A spokesperson for Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue added:
“It takes approximately 2 years to fully train a search dog to nationally recognised qualifications. The dogs then provide a fast, efficient and effective search asset to assist in the rescue of someone who is vulnerable, missing and needs finding fast. As a unit we are called out by Thames Valley Police who put their trust in our professionalism.
The deployment of search dogs often provides some small piece of comfort and reassurance to the family and friends of missing people and there is no better feeling in the world than returning someone to a place of safety. Natural Instinct’s donation will help us to keep Beau and Rip in tip-top condition to continue their searches!”
The Natural Instinct Working Dog Food recipes include a high meat content, vegetables, fruit and added Vitamin C to ensure working dogs get everything they need to stay nutritionally healthy, energetic and active. Catering for all tastes a variety of meat recipes are available in the Working Dog range.
These include duck, chicken and tripe, turkey, beef and chicken and many more!"
Find out more about Lowland Rescue here: