dog jumping up with an owner on a walk track

Spring is Here!

Embrace the start of spring with some spring cleaning and outdoor fun. 
It’s March and spring is in the air - the sun has been out, we have lighter evenings, it’s getting warmer and the blossoms are blooming.
Whilst all new seasons provide the perfect opportunity to reset routines, spring in particular is all about new beginnings and your chance to flourish. The same goes for our pets and making small changes together is a nice way to synchronise your habits. As the seasons shift and with the clocks due to change this weekend, now is the time to update our sleeping habits, along with our pet’s, refresh both of your diets, get more exercise (potentially together) by spending more time outdoors and spring cleaning, which of course you will have to do alone!

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a wonderful time to take your dog to the groomers. As with our own skin and hair during the winter, it can often become unruly and neglected, so treating them to a shampoo, trim and grooming session will keep their coat healthy and shiny - alongside a delicious raw food diet of course!
Grooming is not just for the groomers, it can also be done at home as well. Something simple like regular brushing will help as their coats will start to shed in the warmer climate. Whilst doing this, check your pet for fleas and start a regular routine if you do not have one in place.
As you spring clean your home, give your pet’s bedding a refresh by washing their bed, blankets and toys. You could even buy them a new collar, something that’s lighter as temperatures rise and if you are spending some time outdoors, perhaps some new toys and games.

Getting outdoors

As we feel more energetic during spring, so do our pets. Keeping your dogs active with longer walks, games and agility courses will help to work off that energy. For those of you who are interested in agility, have a look at our recent Q&A with Agility Team GB member and World Class Trainer Dave Munnings. Also, Including your pet into your own exercise routine such as running or cycling in the park is a great way to spend time together and bond, however, please note that this is only recommended for certain breeds. Just remember to treat them for all of their hard work after.
As you embrace nature, be aware of some pollen, pesticides and plants which are toxic to pets. Here’s a list of poisons in your gardens from our friends at The Kennel Club.


Like your own diet, spring is a great opportunity to incorporate more vegetables and vitamins in your pet’s diet. All of our complete recipes have the freshest fruit and vegetables, without any artificial additives, colours, preservatives, fillers or grains. With our wide variety of flavours, you will find something to suit all your dog (and cat's) tastes and needs.