Dog and cat playing together on grass

Springtime + Pets = Heaven!

As a dog owner, probably the thing I look forward to the most when I think of spring is a walk free of mud. Watching new-born lambs toddle about, marvelling at those big green leafy trees emerging from their winter slumber, as if by magic, is nothing in comparison to not having to haul the dog upstairs and into the shower every time we come in from a walk. Those sulks!
Cats are no different, in the muddy paw or the sulking department, and no human in their right mind would try and shower one. I had to get my cat, Dave into the shower once, he got himself covered in disinfectant on a trip out. Had to wear my motorbike jacket for the kevlar!
Anyone who has a pet in their lives appreciates they’ve been a Godsend during lockdown, especially through the winter. We’ve got exercise, companionship and better mental health to thank them for.
But now...drum roll’s spring! And I kind of feel it’s time for a little payback. A thank you for all the companionship and love they give us.
Now it’s light ‘til eight and with restrictions easing, we can get outside after work, meet our friends, and roam farther afield at the weekend. Spring shouts ‘take a picnic!’ at me, pack a flask and plan a fun walking route! I think only a dog owner can appreciate the extra peace and solace a dog adds to an already gorgeous walk out on the Downs, or through a wood or by the sea. Equally, meeting a friend after work for a stroll is all the more likely because we have a dog. Who doesn’t love a catch up? 
It’s also the time of year, if we’re lucky enough to have a little outside space at our disposal, to create a summer hideaway for our feline friends too. Cats like nothing better than snoozing under a leafy shrub or, better still, digging themselves a comfy trough in a large pot (usually containing a treasured, nurtured plant). If you wonder why cats roll about in the dry earth it’s to keep any mites down. I particularly like it when they do it late at night then hop up on to my bed. You know, the one with the white duvet cover? 
I love watching the cat and dog snoozing, contentedly on the grass, the warm breeze wafting their whiskers.
As part of National Pet Month, Natural Instinct are encouraging all pet owners to share their favourite memory with their furry friend on social media using hashtag #LoveForPets! Why not take part and share the joy, after all, this month is all about celebrating them!
family on the beach with a dog
By Kate Bendix