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Tails of Joy: Freddie and Nellie

We always love chatting with our customers and hearing why they love Natural Instinct.

This week, we caught up with Vicky, the owner of two cocker spaniels, Freddie and Nellie. We discussed everything from Freddie and Nellie's favourite activities, recipes and treats, Vicky's switch from kibble to raw, and why Natural Instinct was her preferred choice. 

Tell us your dog's name and a bit about them.

Freddie is a four-year-old golden cocker spaniel, and Nellie has just turned one and is a black and tan cocker spaniel. We have had Freddie since he was seven months old. When we got him, he suffered a few issues, such as resource guarding (mainly with his food). During lockdown, we resolved this by building trust so that he knew we wouldn't take his food away. 

As Freddie turned three, we realised he was interested in puppies he met on walks, so we decided to expand our family and get him a sibling. I had always wanted a Black and Tan cocker spaniel, and as fate would have it, Nellie was the last girl available in her litter. We instantly fell in love with her sassy personality and knew she was the one.

What's your dog's favourite thing to do?

Freddie and Nellie love to get into the thick of things, whether swimming in water or playing in muddy bogs. Typical spaniels! 

Have you always fed raw / when did you switch to raw? What made you switch to raw dog food?

Freddie was originally on a kibble diet, but we found it was affecting his resource guarding, and he wasn't enjoying meal times.

When we got Nellie, her breeder had weaned her using Natural Instinct weaning paste. I wanted an easy life when it came to dog food shopping and wanted both their food to come from the same place, so I decided to transition Freddie onto Raw. Transitioning Freddie was the best decision; we've not looked back since! He loves meal times so much that he will lick Nellie's bowl clean after her. As for Nellie, she will sit in front of the freezer eagerly waiting when she knows it is nearly dinner time.

We switched to raw for an easy life and for happy, healthy dogs. We can say it truly changed our and our dogs' lives for the better. 

What made you choose Natural Instinct?

You could say Natural Instinct chose us! Nellie had been weaned onto it by her breeder, so keeping her on the same diet and food made sense. We then transitioned Freddie over from kibble to Natural Instinct and noticed a big difference in his appetite and the health and shine of his coat. Both Nellie and Freddie look amazing and love their meal times. 

What is your dog's favourite recipe(s)?

They both adore the Working Dog Chicken and Salmon recipe, as they are fish lovers! 

What is your dog's favourite Natural Instinct treat(s)?

Chicken Sausages are our dog's favourite treats. We took a whole bag with us on our latest hike up Snowdon, which Freddie was an absolute champ at. The Chicken Sausages kept him engaged and wanting more.  

What positive changes have you noticed in your dog since feeding Natural Instinct?

Freddie has improved regarding his resource guarding, and both Nellie and Freddie have a fantastic silky coat!

What's the best thing about feeding Natural Instinct?

The best thing about feeding using Natural Instinct is its immense range of recipes and ranges. It gives variation to dogs' diets so that they aren't receiving the same meal twice a day, every day. Imagine having chicken 365 days a year; let's get some duck and lamb involved! There is also something for everyone.

Would you ever go back to feeding kibble?

Never. Raw food doesn't restrict you or your plans. You can still go on holiday and do daily activities whilst feeding raw.

What advice would you have for anyone considering switching to Natural Instinct?

My advice would be to try it. See how happy and healthy your dog will become and how much more they will love meal times. 

Would you recommend Natural Instinct to friends and family?

We 100% recommend Natural Instinct to friends and family and even on raw-feeding Facebook/ Instagram groups. We love Natural Instinct, and that will never change. 

If your dog could talk, what would they say about Natural Instinct? 

If my dog could talk, Freddie would say: "Can I have a Chicken sausage at every meal?"
Nellie would say: "Is that all you're giving me? I want seconds!"

Vicky Booth 
December 2023
 Freddie and Nellie the cocker spaniels with their Natural Instinct food order Nellie the black and tan cocker spaniel with her Natural Instinct Easter Feast Freddie the golden cocker spaniel chewing a Natural Instinct rabbit ear Nellie the black and tan cocker spaniel with her Natural Instinct delivery