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Tails of Joy: Legacy & Dave Munnings

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In our latest Tails of Joy blog, we hear from Dave Munnings, a world-class agility trainer and his beautiful chocolate-coloured Border Collie, Legacy.

Read along as we share Legacy's experience with Natural Instinct's raw dog food and her incredible achievements in the agility world, and discover why Dave chooses Natural Instinct.

Tell us your dog's name and a bit about them.
Legacy is a beautiful chocolate-coloured Border Collie. She is four years old and competes in agility competitions. At age three, she was crowned an agility champion and has represented Great Britain twice at the European Opens. 
She is a fantastic dog who always strives for perfection! 
What's your dog's favourite thing to do?
We do agility, and she loves it, but I think her absolute favourite is just playing with me; whether it's agility or not, she just loves spending time with her Dad.
Have you always fed raw?
Legacy was raised with Natural Instinct raw food and has eaten it ever since. She thrives on it, always looking in peak condition and full of energy. 
What made you switch to raw?
I switched years ago as I was getting annoyed with my dogs getting intermittent stomach issues and upsets. Since feeding Natural Instinct, my dogs no longer have this issue. 
How long have you been feeding Natural Instinct?
We first fed Natural Instinct eight years ago. It was the first raw food we tried, and we have never needed to try anything else. 
What made you choose Natural Instinct?
I chose Natural Instinct because of the high-quality food and great reviews. I love that their food contains human-grade ingredients, so I know nothing bad is going into her body. 
What is your dog's favourite recipe(s)?
They love anything with tripe in it. I think the Turkey and Tripe recipe is Legacy's favourite, but she loves them all. 
What's your dog's favourite Natural Instinct treat(s)?
Chicken Hearts are always a favourite, but the Beef Jerky and Pig Ears send her wild! I don't think we have a favourite; she loves them all!
What positive changes have you noticed in your dog since feeding Natural Instinct?
All round health, I would say, would be the most significant positive change I've noticed. All my dogs have had better digestion, energy levels, coat condition and dental hygiene since eating Natural Instinct raw dog food. 
What's the best thing about feeding Natural Instinct?
The best thing about feeding Natural Instinct is the wide variety of recipes and knowing they will always have a recipe my dogs love. 
What advice would you have for anyone thinking about switching to feeding Natural Instinct?
Just do it; you won't look back. 
Would you ever go back to feeding kibble?
Would you recommend Natural Instinct to friends and family?
I always do. 
If your dog could talk, what would they say about Natural Instinct? 

"More Please!"
Facebook: Dave Munnings
January 2024