Cat wearing bow tie next to Natural Instinct Easter feast meal

Why You Should Play With Your Food This Easter

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Easter is another busy holiday period for most of us and as lockdown eases, we can finally begin to return to work and re-socialise with our own species again. Therefore, it stands to reason that the masses of attention our dogs and cats were getting will begin to lessen.
The best way to keep our pets so busy they’ll barely notice is with food of course! Even those animals that aren’t driven by food, they will enjoy the challenges of puzzling out these ideas. Remember the more you get your dog or cat to work for their food, the more feel-good chemicals they make in their brain.
Plus, the more you stimulate appetitive behaviours, the happier they are!
Try stuffing food toys or other food with Natural Instinct’s Easter Treat complimentary food, you can really have fun with this and even get the kids involved. Because it’s 60% Turkey, it is low in calories and fat, and with the added Salmon it still contains all those vital Omega oils which are essential for learning.

How about an Easter egg hunt for your pets?

You could use the shells of an egg itself; these are very good for dogs and cats to eat.
Hide them around the garden for your dog to find. For an easier alternative, simply lay a trail of tiny cut up whitebait to help them find the ‘eggs’. You can do the same with your cats, put the food in an eggshell or egg cup and hide around the house wherever your cat is likely to look, using the whitebait trick here too.
You could even bury the eggs, if your dog or cat is at ‘expert’ level!
For a longer lasting, super healthy treat, stuff a frozen beef pipe with semi-defrosted Easter Treat food and refreeze.
This will make a delicious chew that really taps into our pet’s natural desire to hunt and scavenge. Finished bones can also be used as you can restuff them too. Don’t forget your Kongs other stuffable toys too!
All pets should have a licki mat, a silicone, textured mat that food can be smeared on to for your dog or cat to lick off. The Easter Treat works wonderfully here:
However you decide to engage them, they will be happy and fulfilled with their Easter Feast meal this year!