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Your Complete Summer Guide

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Make the most of the Great British summer with our tips and tricks to maximise this glorious season!


There’s no better time than summer to spend some valuable time with your furry friends in the great outdoors. Summer does have a few downsides, particularly for pets who are unable to tell you when they are too hot or have allergies, so thinking ahead and preparing for their needs is essential. Our guide will help you get through the next few months so that you can have the best summer together.


Waiting for the heatwave and then complaining about the heat is very normal in the UK, we all do it! Our pets, on the other hand, are unable to voice their opinions on the heat, therefore, on a hot day, there are several things you can do to keep them cool: 

  1. Water - Make sure water bowls are full with of fresh water and are easily accessible in every room in your home. Perhaps add some ice cubes to their water to keep it cool
  2. Shade - When sitting indoors, avoid direct light and for shaded relaxation areas, check the floor temperature isn’t too hot and invest in a cooling mat and for extra comfort. 
  3. Sunscreen - Pet sunscreen is available to buy and an essential for those with white fur, a thin coat or exposed patches of low pigment skin. When choosing a sunscreen for humans, ensure you purchase a pet-friendly one as some ingredients can be toxic to your pets. 


As we all know, British weather is temperamental, so always keep an eye on the weather so you can be prepared for heatwaves. During a heatwave, avoid going out for walks altogether, and on regular summer days, try to take your dogs out early mornings and evenings, when temperatures are cooler.  During walks, watch out for hot floors as this could burn your pet’s paws. You can check floor temperatures yourself for 20 seconds with your thumb pad as this gives you a good indication of heat. Signs of burnt feet pads are - limping, blisters, redness and your dog licking their feet.

During walks, we recommend carrying chilled water and treats. Our Ambient Treats would be a perfect addition to your daily walks and your dog will love you for it! 


If you think your pet has heatstroke, seek veterinary help immediately. There are many signs to look out for if you believe your pet has heatstroke:
  • Panting
  • Drooling or salivating
  • Acting lethargic and sleepy
  • A bright red tongue
  • Very red or pale gums
  • Increased heart rate
  • Breathing distress, vomiting and diarrhoea
To help with a heat stroke, make the dog as cool as possible by moving them to a cool area and cooling mat if you have one. Using cool (not very cold) water, apply to lips, ears and coat, and try to get the dog to drink small amounts. You can also apply a wet towel (for no more than 5 minutes) or a cooling coat onto them. 


Just like ice cream, frozen food and treats, or food that can be defrosted, is ideal for hot temperatures. We recommend our Beef Pipe Treat stuffed with one of our meals as an extra treat. 


Just like our own human hair, a dog's coat can start getting unruly in the summer as well as overheating, making them feel irritated. Brushing your dog's hair regularly and taking them for a trim will help ease the strain of overheating. Also, look out for ticks as the heat is ideal for them to thrive.