Freya & Minnie

"So happy to have found a dog food that ticks all the boxes.  Excellent nutritional value, the bowl is always licked clean, easy ordering and efficient delivery.

Best of all, everyone comments on Minnie’s beautiful, silky coat!"

Aly & Rolo


"When Rolo came to live with me, his diet had been neglected and he was seriously overweight.  He needed to lose a considerable amount if he was to have lifesaving hip and spinal surgery. 

Thankfully, feeding Rolo a healthy Natural Instinct diet ensured he lost the weight.  If he hadn’t, I don’t think he would be alive today, so Natural instinct, thank you so much.”

Auriane & Laula 

“Since starting on Natural Instinct over 2 years ago, Laula has flourished!

Her energy levels are as though she’s still a puppy and her coat is in such great condition! We’ve had zero vet visits too!” 

Ria & Moggsy

"Moggsy loves her Natural Instinct meals!

To be able to have it delivered next day freshly frozen is great and the peace of mind that your pet eats the best quality food as nature intended is even greater.

We would recommend Natural Instinct to any pet owner.“

Michaela & Daxie Trouble

"We love Natural Instinct so much. Their food is so yummy and it’s keeping us healthy and happy.

Natural Instinct food is the highest quality and we couldn’t wish for better food.

Since we started eating Natural Instinct we are full of energy, healthy, happy and our coats are super shiny.”

Katalin Szakács-Barabás & Sheva

"Our furbaby Sheva who is 9 months old, has only been Natural Instinct ever since he was a kitten.

We would never consider feeding him anything else, only the best for my best!" 

Diana Bailey

"Emma, Dolly and Oscar have been fed Natural Instinct raw dog food for many years. As an owner I am confident that Natural Instinct food has been carefully formulated to provide all the nutrition they need to remain fit and healthy. 

As for my dogs, they love it too!”  

Jodie, Bruce & Clark

"We have been loving our yummy raw food from Natural Instinct over the last couple of weeks and we are almost fully weaned!

We can't wait for mealtime, meow!"

Amy & Buzz

"Buzz is a Miniature Dachshund, who loves his picture being taken and looking at the camera!

He loves Natural Instinct raw food and looks forward to meal times all day!"

Tessa Swan & Kratu the Rescue Dog

"Natural Instinct provide the best food for my dogs. Natural Instinct have sponsored my dogs for the last 4 years.  Now the dogs are a little older and less active the Natural Special Diet keeps them in good shape and excellent health. They love their dinner time! I love my dogs, so I feed the best possible diet for their health and well-being.

I not only highly recommended Natural Instinct for their food but also for being the kindest, most caring and wonderfully supportive company that helps many rescue dogs and charities. Thank you, Natural Instinct, for the food and support over the years."