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Are You Ready to Travel With Your Dog?

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With more restrictions being lifted, are you planning to travel more with your dog?  If so, read Part 1 of our top tips.
Now that Government restrictions are due to lift, many of us are starting to plan all those getaways we haven't been able to do for so long.
Whether you’re taking a staycation with your furry friends or planning a trip abroad and leaving them for the first time, we have the all-important information and top tips you need to consider, whilst preparing for your next adventure.
  1. Prevention if you travel with your dog
    Days before starting your adventure, we recommend a trip to your vets just to check your pet is in tip top condition to travel. In addition to verifying that his/her health condition is in order, they will also certify that his vaccination schedule is up to date and meets the requirements of the chosen destination.
  2. Provisions for your dog
    As you know, your dog is used to a certain type of food and may need incentives (toys and treats) to make long journeys more bearable. That is why it is important that you plan ahead and pack accordingly.
  3. Comfort during the trip
    Although your dog is excited about the idea of spending more time with you and seeing new places, don't forget that leaving his usual environment is a considerable change for him. Therefore, it is important to ensure your dog is comfortable and safe at all times. Consider the tips below:
    -   Avoid exposing him to excessive noise or lots of people
    -   Make sure he can stretch out and relax
    -   Ensure you have lots of water available
    -   Keep an eye on your dog’s temperature
    -   Ensure you travel with your dog under control using a lead, carrier or safety belt
    -   If you travel by car, make stops at dog friendly rest areas so that your dog can walk and        relieve himself.
  4. Suitable accommodation
    There are many pet-friendly types of accommodation available. Most of them have services oriented to the welfare of your dog and, consequently, to that dog owners. Dogs need a space to eat and drink, another one to rest and sleep, and a third one outside to walk and unload their energy, socialising with other dogs. Consider these factors when searching for your dream holiday.
  5. Traveling with a puppy
    If your dog is a puppy, and you have decided that this will be your first trip together, you will also have to take into account other aspects that go hand in hand with the conditioning factors of his age.

In addition to taking into account all the above-mentioned tips, ask your veterinarian what other parameters you should take into account.

Puppies tend to be more easily frightened, and can experience vomiting during the journey so try to feed him hours before the trip, or once you have arrived at your destination. Find out more about pet anxiety from our Animal Behaviourist and Canine Expert, Kirsten Dillon on how to keep dogs calm when suffering from anxiety.

If you choose to travel in your own vehicle, try to get your puppy used to it. Letting him explore the interior of the car and sniffing it often works well in this regard.

Finally, keep your puppy involved at all times in your experience together - cuddles and affection will definitely be the best medicine!

Don't know where to go yet? We’ve got you covered. According to Skyes Holiday Cottages, this is the list of the top 10 dog-friendly destinations in the UK this year:
  1. North Wales & Snowdonia
  2. North York Moors & Coast
  3. Cornwall
  4. Cumbria & The Lake District
  5. Yorkshire Dales
  6. Peak District
  7. East Anglia
  8. Heart of England
  9. South Wales & Pembrokeshire
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