Close up of a dog with a red heart toy

Happy Valentine's Day!

Treat your furry friend this Valentine's Day? - Almost half (44%) of pet owners reveal their top dinner date for Valentine's evening is their dog! 

As we approach the most romantic day of the year and show our appreciation for the loved ones in our lives, many of us will be sharing the love with our furry best friends by spoiling them with tasty treats, long walks and new toys.
Our research, completed by over 2,000 dog owners, revealed almost half of pet owners (44%) would choose to have dinner with their dog over family and friends on Valentine’s Day, while 43% admitted to buying gifts for their beloved pooch!
So, we’re here to help you spoil your beloved pooches with our tasty, nutritious and wholesome range of treats.
At Natural Instinct we are passionate about feeding as nature intended, free from artificial additives, colours, preservatives and fillers, which is why our range of delicious treats are 100% natural and not only a tasty snack for dogs, but full of nutritional goodness too. Ranging from bite size Whitebait, Chicken Hearts and Beef Liver Treats to Turkey Necks and Lamb Spines, we have a treat for every pup!

But how often is too often when treating our pets?

Once Valentine’s Day is over, how often is too often to treat our canine pals? Expert Animal Behaviourist, Kirsten Dillon, has shared her thoughts and top tips on how to give dogs treats effectively.
“It’s natural to want to treat the ones we love, whether they are human, canine or feline. Never hold back on that love, ever. Just make sure that when you do shower your pets with treats; you opt for things that will keep them healthier and in your life for as long as possible. Thanks to Natural Instinct’s range of natural, biologically appropriate treats, we don’t have to choose between the healthy or the tasty option anymore.”
  • Taste over looks: Your pet doesn’t care if it’s red and shaped like a heart. The sheer level of manipulation required to get ‘food’ to appeal to us, the human, is the exact process that makes it so unhealthy. Opt for real, authentic treats with natural ingredients.
  • Healthy treats: Dogs and cats are lucky, they can have a lot more of what they consider treats than we can. Pure protein, natural treats won’t make your pet fat, unlike the huge box of chocolates we may want to eat or indulge in!
  • Avoid additives at every turn: Sugars, starch and grains are not appropriate for our pets and this is where the unwanted weight gain will come from.
  • Think about why you’re offering the treat: Are you training by rewarding good behaviour? Or simply allowing them an opportunity to chew on something. Fortunately, with the right choice, you don’t need to hold back on any of these, simply make sure your pet has eaten their balanced Natural Instinct complete meal first and then offer a treat, guilt-free!
  • Keep everything you do in moderation: Calories still exist in the pet world, as does the need for correct physical and mental exercise. Use your treats for enrichment games as they will have twice the feel-good factor that way.


Happy Valentine’s Day!