How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

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Summer is upon us, and as exciting as that may be, it comes with certain complications if you are a pet owner. For many of us, Summer can be a little stressful when you have an elderly dog or a dog breed that does not thrive in a warmer climate. Just like humans, dogs must stay hydrated. Annoyingly, they don't understand why they need to stay hydrated, and getting them to drink water can often be a challenge. Before we get into all our tips and tricks to get your stubborn pup to their water bowl, first let's make sure we know all the common signs of dehydration in dogs to look out for:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry gums
  • Decreased appetite
  • Lack of energy
  • Excessive panting

If you believe your furry friend is experiencing these symptoms, it's best to get them to the vet. The vet can monitor your pet and administer fluids if necessary.

With that out of the way, here are some helpful tips to ensure your furry friend stays cool and refreshed all summer—just in time for National Pet Hydration Awareness Month!

Always have fresh water available

It sounds obvious, but always having fresh, cool water available is key. Place bowls in multiple locations around your home and garden so your dog never has to go far for a drink. Make sure to bring water along for walks and park visits when you're out and about this summer. Imagine going for a jog in the heat without water – it's not fun for anyone!

Homemade doggy ice lollies

Want something fun and creative? Make your furry friend some pet-friendly ice lollies! Step 1: Select one of our delicious bone broths and pour it into a silicone mould or ice tray. Step 2 (optional): To add some extra crunch, break up one of their favourite treats or select a tasty fruit and place it in the mould. Step 3: Freeze and serve! These make for a delicious and hydrating treat that your pup will love.

Keep them hydrated through their food

If your dog isn't big on drinking, you can always add hydration via their food! Raw food is usually pretty moist due to the vegetables, fruits, and meat juice, but for those on dry or cooked food diets who want to moisten things up a bit, you can try adding a few tablespoons of water or one of our tasty bone broths. Explore our selection of broths to find the best flavour for your dog.

Provide shade and rest

Make sure your dog has plenty of shady spots to relax in, especially if they've been outside for long periods. Even the most energetic dogs need breaks. Encourage them to rest in the shade and have a drink to avoid overheating. At Natural Instinct, we wholeheartedly support a little summer siesta—for our dogs, too!

Invest in a pet fountain

Some dogs prefer running water. A pet fountain can make drinking more appealing. Plus, the sound of flowing water is very soothing – it's like having a mini spa at home for you and your dog.

Hydrating foods

As we mentioned earlier about dogs hydrating via their food, you can incorporate hydrating fruits and vegetables into their diet for additional hydration, too. Fresh fruits such as Cucumbers and Watermelon are over 90% water, so they are super hydrating snacks and safe for dogs to quench their thirst. Just make sure to remove any seeds from the Watermelon and feed it in moderation. You can always freeze these moisture-filled foods to make them even more hydrating for your pet.

Grated carrots are also a great source of hydration and an excellent food topper! Just make sure to avoid toxic foods like grapes or onions - you should always research them before giving your dog a summer snack. 

Keep their bowl clean

Our final tip is simple: keep your dog's water bowl clean. Just like humans, dogs can be put off by dirty dishes. Imagine drinking from a grimy glass—not very pleasant, right? Daily cleaning of your dog's bowl is essential in the fight against bacterial growth. It keeps the water fresh, making it more appealing to your pooch, thus keeping them healthy and hydrated.

All in all, keeping your dog hydrated this summer doesn't have to be stressful. With a bit of creativity and consistency, you can ensure your furry friend stays refreshed and cool. Remember, a hydrated dog is a happy (and healthy) dog, which means more fun summer adventures for both of you.