What Type Of Dog Dad Are You?

What Type Of Dog Dad Are You?

A "dog dad" is a term affectionately used to describe a male dog owner, the pet version of a human dad. Being a dog dad often involves taking on responsibilities such as feeding, walking, grooming, training, and giving the dog plenty of love and attention. A dog dad takes pride in his dog, enjoys spending time with them, and often forms a deep bond with his canine companion. The term emphasises the man's nurturing and paternal role in the dog's life, highlighting the joy and fulfilment of being a devoted pet owner.

Like dogs, dog dads come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. From the dad who reluctantly agreed to get a dog but now can't imagine life without one to the dad who goes all out to ensure his pup has the best of everything, each type brings their own special flair to pet parenthood. Therefore, to celebrate National Dog Dad Day and to highlight the different types of dog dads that exist, we've created a list of some of the most endearing and relatable types of dog dads, each with their own quirks and characteristics that make their bond with their dogs so special.

1) "But They Aren't Allowed on the Sofa" Dog Dad

He insisted the dog would never be allowed on the sofa, but now they cuddle there every night. He started with strict rules, but one look at those puppy eyes, and now he's the first to invite the dog up for movie nights, even defending the decision with, "Well, just this once."

2) "OK, But You Have to Walk It" Dog Dad

He agreed to get the dog only if someone else did all the walking, but now he's the one out in the rain at 6 AM. He initially laid down the rule, but his soft spot for the pooch means he's the one grabbing the lead and his raincoat, muttering, "How did this become my job?" while secretly loving every minute of it.

3) "Didn't Want a Dog" Dad

He claims he didn't want a dog, but now he can't go anywhere without his furry sidekick. He's the man who secretly lets the dog sleep in the bed and buys an endless supply of treats and toys.

4) "Surprise, We Got a Dog", Dad

He came home with a puppy on a whim and now acts like it was a well-thought-out plan. He's the dad who showed up with a furry friend and a big grin, claiming it was "meant to be." Now, he's navigating the chaos of puppyhood, pretending he knows what he's doing while secretly Googling "how to stop a puppy from chewing everything."

5) "The Couch Cuddler" Dad

He denies being a softie but secretly loves Sunday naps with the dog sprawled on top of him. His idea of a perfect day includes Netflix, a cosy blanket, and a snoring pup.

6) "Spoils the Pup" Dad

He can't resist those puppy eyes and loves pampering his furry family member. With a stash of toys and gourmet treats, he's always looking for ways to make his dog's day a little brighter.

7) "The Dog Whisperer" Dad

He claims he can understand his dog's every bark and whine. He's constantly interpreting his dog's thoughts and feelings, often with hilarious and overly dramatic flair.

8) "The Pub Regular" Dad

He never goes to the local pub without his faithful dog by his side. He's the man who enjoys a pint while his dog relaxes under the table, making friends with everyone in the pub.

9) "The Footie Fan" Dad

He watches every football match with his dog, wearing the team's scarf. He shouts at the telly, and his dog has learned to celebrate goals with a wagging tail and a bark.

10) "The DIY Enthusiast" Dad

He spends weekends fixing things around the house with his dog as his little helper. From changing light bulbs to building shelves, his dog is always there, offering moral support.


As we wrap up this celebration of dog dads, let's take a minute to appreciate the joy, laughter, and tail-wags they bring to our canine's lives. So here's to all the dog dads out there; you're doing great. Remember, being a dog dad is much more than just a title, so may your days be filled with slobbery kisses, long walks and lots of cuddles with your furry friends.

Happy Dog Dad Day!