Puppy in a flower pot

Kirsten Dillon - Step 3: Feeding Your Puppy

Join us as we continue on our exciting journey alongside our Animal Behaviorist, Kirsten Dillon, who has recently welcomed a new addition to her family—a puppy!

We are so excited to give you this exclusive insight into the upbringing of Stevie Licks. This week, Kirsten shares her expertise and personal experience of transitioning her puppy, Stevie, onto Natural Instinct's Raw Puppy Food.

So, Stevie came to me, having been fed a kibble diet.

Naturally, I wanted to change this as soon as possible, but I let her settle for a few days first. The last thing a puppy needs as they are finding their feet is an upset tummy.

After about day four, I began switching her over to Natural Instinct's puppy food, one teaspoon at a time. If you find your puppy does have loose stools, you can always use Zoolac Propaste to help with this.

You can find more information on transitioning your dog here.
Stevie is very greedy, so I needed to slow down her eating. I found using the Nina Ottosson spinning bowl worked perfectly.

I always recommend feeding from products that encourage natural foraging behaviours. My top choices are Kongs, West Paw Toppls and LickiMats; all of these are available to purchase at our Puppy School.
For training, I use Natural Instinct treats, chopped into tiny pieces. I started with chicken products, such as chicken bites and chicken hearts, as I wanted to introduce each protein individually to check for intolerances.

Four weeks later, Stevie is doing great. She is enjoying all the treats, especially the playbones!


By Kirsten Dillon
Animal Behaviourist & Canine Specialist