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Tails of Joy: Cal the Wulfdog

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We love hearing from our customers, and we recently enjoyed chatting with Cal's owner, Tanya.

Meet Cal, the Anglo Wulfdog, and come with us as we explore Cal's journey with Natural Instinct's raw dog food.

Learn the motivations behind Tanya's choice, the importance of raw feeding to Anglo Wulfdogs, and what makes Natural Instinct their preferred choice.

Tell us your dog's name and a bit about them.

Cal (posh Sunday name Sansorella Caledonian Prophecy) is a five-year-old Anglo Wulfdog. Cal was born near Lincoln and lives in Scotland, not far from Loch Lomond. Interesting fact: Cal is DNA tested 36% grey wolf.

What's your dog's favourite thing to do?

Cal's favourite thing to do is to swim. He loves swimming, no matter the weather; it could be raining, snowing or a hot summers day, and you would still catch him going for a dip. His other loves are his raw food, treats and keeping me company on my horse rides around the forest.

Have you always fed raw?

Cal has always been fed raw, which was first started by his breeder when he was weaned. We have carried it on since we brought him home, as it is common for dogs with high wolf content to develop stomach issues on a kibble diet therefore, it is a necessity for Cal to be on a raw food diet.

How long have you been feeding Natural Instinct?

I have been feeding Cal Natural Instinct for about four years. I'd been trying to balance Cal's meals with human meat from supermarkets or the butchers, and although he looked okay, I felt he was missing something. I took a trip to our local raw dog food shop, Merumhor, in Kirkintilloch. After chatting with the owner (Colin), who also has a wolfdog (his is Scottish), we decided to start Cal off on a few packs of Natural Instinct to see how we got on.
Cal loved the food immediately, and we've not looked back since! 

What is your dog's favourite recipe(s)?

Honestly, Cal likes them all. If I were to be pushed, I'd say Lamb, as he always eats it extra slow and takes ages to clean the bowl. After eating it, he takes his finished/empty bowl to his bed to lick it all clean.

What is your dog's favourite Natural Instinct treat(s)?

Cal goes crazy for the Liver Treats & the Chicken Hearts, but again, he loves them all.

What positive changes have you noticed in your dog since feeding Natural Instinct?

His tummy feels fuller for longer, as each meal is well-balanced and meets all his nutritional requirements. I thought I'd never gotten this quite right when I fed him food from the supermarkets. His coat and eyes always look bright and healthy, which I think comes from a good/correct diet.

What's the best thing about feeding Natural Instinct?

My dog's health and happiness needs are met, especially for a dog like Cal with a high wolf content.

What advice would you have for anyone considering switching to Natural Instinct?

Just do it! It may seem scary initially, but by feeding well-balanced quality raw food, you're off to a winning start, and you won't look back!

Would you recommend Natural Instinct to friends and family?

I always recommend Natural Instinct to my family, friends, and people in our Sansorella Wulfdog Facebook group.

If your dog could talk, what would they say about Natural Instinct?

"How long until my dinner?"
Instagram: @calthewulfdog
Cal the wulfdog outside with his Natural Instinct Chicken Hearts and Rabbit EarsCal the wulfdog eating his Natural Instinct snacks on the grassCal the wulfdog in the woods with his Natural Instinct Rabbit EarsCal the wulfdog sat on a picnic table with his Natural Instinct Rabbit Ears