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Manchester Dogs Home - Meet Rocky

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Hi, Hello,
Let me introduce myself, my name is Rocky (or sometimes Rock star). Back in August, I found myself lost and alone until the dog warden came and got me and took me to Manchester dogs home, I had a lovely posh collar and harness on, so staff were hopeful my family would come and pick me up, sadly, they never came!
The staff here are great they give me lots of cuddles and walks whilst I wait (very patiently) for my new family to come and adopt me. The one thing that I have a problem with is my sensitive tummy no foods that they tried suited me.
The staff knew raw food would be the best option for me, but being a charity, most of us dogs here are fed on food that the public kindly donate. Natural Instinct has sponsored dogs from here many times before donating yummy raw food, so the staff thought they would be cheeky and ask on my behalf.
Natural Instinct kindly said yes, so now I get lots of yummy food from them and no upset tummy, I am still hopeful that my forever home is just around the corner, but until then I am safe, warm and loved by the staff and my tummy is full thanks to Natural Instinct. I must go now as I can see staff walking towards me with a lead, so I’m off for a good sniff and explore.
Love & Licks

Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home

February 2023

For more information on Rocky, visit: https://dogshome.net/dog-for-adoption/rocky-2/