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Tails of Joy: Lexi and River

We love hearing from our customers, so we recently caught up with Lexi and River's owner, Amber. Join us as we share their journey of switching to Natural Instinct's raw dog food and discover the reasons behind their decision, the positive changes observed in their dogs' overall wellbeing, and the unique aspects that make Natural Instinct their preferred choice.

Tell us your dogs' names and a bit about them.

Lexi is a two-year-old cocker x collie x husky! She is a one-of-a-kind dog, the most loving and affectionate dog there is. I don't know what I'd do without her, my fun-loving, crazy floof ball! She loves her belly rubs and her paws to be massaged – not a pampered pooch at all. She is, however, a massive foodie, and her motto is 'No Crumb left behind'.
Snack time and training time is her favourite time of the day – treats are the way to Lexi's heart.
River is a rescue Collie puppy from Many Tears. She is turning one on 30th April. River absorbs everything in her environment; she is one switched-on puppy who follows me everywhere! I mean everywhere! This girl has a heart of gold and is full to the brim with Love. She loves her toys, and squeaky balls are her favourite thing.

What's your dogs' favourite thing to do?

Lexi's favourite thing is going to the beach; she loves paddling in the sea and getting her paws wet! This girl loves the water! She also loves to dig in the sand.
River's favourite thing to do is agility. Since starting her training, she has LOVED every moment. She pulls me into the training session super excited and never wants to leave. She is super driven and loves every second of it!

Have you always fed raw / when did you switch to raw?

I have fed Lexi raw since she was four months old and River since she was a puppy. 

What made you switch to Natural Instinct?

I decided to switch to raw, purely for all the benefits it provides my dogs. I wanted to ensure both Lexi and River received a nutritious and natural diet. Since feeding raw, their coat is so much shiner, their teeth are in perfect condition, and their overall well-being is amazing.

How long have you been feeding Natural Instinct?

I have been feeding Natural Instinct for over a year. 

What made you choose Natural Instinct?

I liked the fact that the products are in a tub, and I can easily store them in my freezer. The ingredients are all high-grade and ideal for my dogs, who compete in agility, so I tend to use the working dog range. Natural Instinct has various recipes, so I love mixing and matching their food to keep it interesting for my girls.

What is your dogs' favourite recipe(s)?

Lexi and Rivers' favourite recipe is Duck!

What's your dogs' favourite Natural Instinct treat?

They love the play bones and lamb spine bones– it keeps them entertained and helps to clean their teeth. 

What positive changes have you noticed in your dogs since feeding Natural Instinct?

Their overall wellbeing, their coats are super shiny, they have smaller poops, and they have very clean teeth.

What's the best thing about feeding raw?

I know I'm providing my dogs with the best kind of diet. It's natural, doesn't have any artificial additives, and every ingredient is beneficial for them. 

What advice would you have for anyone considering switching to Natural Instinct food?

I would highly recommend it. I've never looked back since feeding my girls raw, and Natural Instinct has really blown me away with their deliveries and customer service.

Would you ever go back to feeding dry?


Would you recommend Natural Instinct to friends and family?

Yes, I have recommended Natural Instinct to my friends and family; as a result, they now also feed Natural Instinct. 

If your dogs could talk, what would they say about Natural Instinct? 

"Give me more!!"
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